Landscape Lighting
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Yard Lighting

Yard Lighting

When many people think about landscape lighting, they will first think of yard lighting. There are many options for lighting your yard, from traditional lights around the edges of your property to strategically placing lights to highlight something unique. Yard lighting can be as simple as installing post lights on your fence to illuminate all of your yard equally. Lighting on decks, patios or a pool can highlight particular areas of your yard.

Serious gardeners might want to use some plant lighting; if they have a prized plant, they may install some small, unobtrusive lights around it to enhance it’s appearance after dark. Path lighting is another common type of yard lighting. Those with paths leading to their front door may install lantern lights along them, both to create a pleasing visual effect and to help those coming to their home when it is dark to see their way.

This is on way that yard lighting can be for safety purposes. No one wants a guest, child, or delivery person to stumble in their yard and hurt themselves. Yard lighting illuminates any potential hazards, such as holes in the lawn or a cracked part of the path. It can also light up the outside of a property, so the owners can see strange people or animals in their yard after dark. The number of types of yard lighting available ensures that anyone, regardless of whether they want some basic lighting for safety or accent lights to enhance their favorite plant, will be able to find the perfect fixtures for their yard.

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