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Trends in Home Lighting

In today’s culture, things very rarely stay the same. Whether it is the style of our clothes, taste in music, or the latest diet fad, things change at a constant pace. Trends in home lighting are no exception. The way people want to light their homes may not change as fast as other types of style, but they do change. This applies to trends in both interior and exterior home lighting. Trends in exterior home lighting may not change quite as much, mainly because there are a limited number of ways to light the outside of your home. Still, exterior lighting trends may vary from use of bright spot and accent lights to more muted forms. Small, simple garden and path lighting may give way to more ornate fixtures or even colored lighting.

It may be fashionable to install spotlights on the ground to create an up-lighted effect one decade, and sconce and accent lights pointed downward the next. Trends in interior home lighting can change even more given the variety of interior lighting styles. Simple lamps may be favored one year, antique-style hanging lamps the next. Track lighting was popular at some points in time, and who can forget lava lamps? Some interior lighting trends are not trends at all, but timeless, mainly because of functionality. There have always been desk lamps of some sort, because people have always need ample light at their workspace. Trying to keep up with the trends in home lighting is almost impossible for the average person; it is more of a game for the rich who can afford to change their fixtures every year. For most of us, choosing home lighting fixtures that are fashionable to our taste is the best option.

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