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Post Lights

Post Lights

There are an almost dizzying number of choices in landscape lighting, so it can be hard to know exactly what type to use. Many fixtures are designed to create a stylish effect, which is great for those who have an eye for aesthetics. For those of us who are less artistically inclined, though, post lights are a good choice in landscape lighting. Post lights, though they do come in many different styles, are a fairly simple fixture that will fit with the appearance of most every home. They are designed to be installed on posts, another aspect that make them universal.

Every home is virtually guaranteed to have a post of some kind, whether it is a part of the fencing around the yard, a post to support the mailbox, or part of the porch or deck. There are also numerous post lights that come with their own post, which can stand on it’s own or be incorporated into a larger design scheme. Post lighting is very functional, providing light in needed areas. They are generally installed well off the ground, maybe six or seven feet, so they can cast light over a larger area such as a front driveway, side yard, or back porch. Post lights do come in a variety of styles, ranging from very simple fixtures that are essentially a covering and bulb; to various lantern-like ones in various metals and colors; to ornately designed replicas of lighting found in cities. With all the options available, every one is sure to find a post light that is right for them.

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