Prunings of Trees and Shrubs – Prunings in Height

  • Pruning of formation
    It is the pruning that we carried out so much to trees as to shrubs in its younger states with the purpose of creating a form or structures concrete. Previously we must establish which is the correct form that we will give to the tree or shrub. They will be eliminated the branches nonwished.
  • Pruning of cleaning
    The cleaning pruning consists of eliminating the dry branches and defeats of the trees. The retirement of these damaged branches is necessary since with time the presence of the dry and broken branches can be a danger because they present a high potential of fall and, therefore, can bring about material and personal damages.
  • Pruning of fruition
    It is realised the fruit trees and it consists of realising a pruning, following the species of fruit tree to prune, with the aim of balancing the tree, improving therefore the quality and amount of fruit.
  • Pruning of rejuvenation
    The plants that have not had a pursuit and have been left over the years have been able to develop an excessive and anarchical volume. In these cases it can be that the plant neglected has gone away to us of scale and therefore is necessary to realise a rejuvenation pruning. We will reduce the dry and intercrossed branches firstly, eliminating the aged and debilitated branches more.



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