Maintenances and Works

Maintenances and Construction of Gardens

Maintenance of Gardens:

We have maintenance services of green parks, gardens and zones that adapt to the characteristics of each of them. We work as much in deprived public communitarian zones as residential.

  • Automatic irrigation. The installation of the system of automatic irrigation, saves time, costs and energy. The installation of this one is carried out following the needs of the zone to water.
  • Fertilization. The Earth needs to restitute nutrients that are contributed to him on and off through a correct subscriber. We recommend to use natural organic products, that are responsible with the environment by not being polluting.
  • Harvest, outlined and cleaning. We have machinery to any size and difficulty.
  • Pruning of cleaning and formation and cutting of trees. We realise a periodic pruning of trees, fences and shrubs, with the intention of eliminating the dry branches and obtaining a healthful growth. We use appropriate tools to the type of pruning, with the optimal conditions to reduce the damages and to improve the healing of the units.




Terrain preparation and earthworks. By means of average mechanics or manuals, following the extension and accesses of machinery.

  • Rotavateado, made level, raked
  • Extended contribution and of vegetal earth.
  • Sowings with certified seed.
  • Reframing and installation of automatic irrigation. With the guarantee of the best brands. With programmer of irrigation and rain sensor.
  • Plantation of trees and shrubs adapted to our climatology.
  • Installation of artificial turf…



Memejora/Regeneration of the Turf

By an intensive use of the turf, trampling, etc., and also by the use of inadequate materials at the time of its installation, as muddy and/or argillaceous earth, the ground is compacted, not allowing the development of the turf. Also, due to the effort of the grass to reproduce, this one increases and so much is compacted that takes place an almost impenetrable interlace, and so they appear the symptoms of asphyxia of the turf. In order to give a renewed and healthy aspect to the turf, and to avoid the problems that have been described previously, we propose a complete treatment that understands: scarified/aerated, aerated, resiembra, recebado and phelp of the same.

    • The scarified one
      it consists of “scratching” superficially the land to break and to eliminate all possible the felt. The felt is a fine layer of 1 or 2 cm. of thickness that forms in the surface of the ground where there is a turf. It is a putty formed by earth, rest by roots and leaves that have been accumulated there. To the quite impermeable being, it prevents that good pass towards the roots the water, the installments and the air. In addition it favors the development of fungi. For all these reasons it is necessary to eliminate it by means of a scarified work of. Work that is realised by means of average mechanics. This machine has a roller with several vertical blades that go “boasting”, breaking the surface of the ground and destroying that felt, that impermeable layer that asphyxia to the Turf. Also it breaks enough roots of the Turf, but it does not pass anything since they regenerate quickly. After passing the escarificadora, the Turf is very ugly, as devastated. There is no problem because in one or two weeks it will have been closed perfectly and in addition will be regenerated and more vigorous than before. After the scarified one all the rest retire.
    • Resiembra
      with seed certified, whose characteristics of vigor of growth, rapidity of germination, power of rooting and density of covering. Ideal for the new turf by these latitudes. Squared meter will be seeded to a dose of 40 grams, with scattered automatic mechanic of seeds. Assuring with this dose the covering to us treated turf.
    • The recebado one
      it consists of contributing a silica sand layer, this will be able to fill up the holes with this mixture that will cause that they are not compacted, increasing its mechanical resistance and obtaining that the ground drains far better, incorporating a great amount of organic matter, along with the installment, directly to the roots, which will favor its growth. It is realised by average mechanics, with a measure sand machine for extending it uniforms and complete.
    • Contribution of installment
      of slow liberation 15-15-15, discharge quality, approximately to the month to realise the scarified one. Dose 40 grams squared meter, with automatic mechanical esparcidor. It will contribute fertilizers, next to the sand, that will favor a strong growth and a good color to the turf in germination and the already existing one.
    • Pass of roller
      by means of average mechanics. In order to seat and to bury a little the seeds, with the purpose of avoiding the birds.

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