Cleaning of Chimneys

SWEPT/CLEANING OF CHIMNEYS of firewood, coal and pellets.

We realise the cleaning of its chimney of FAST, CLEAN AND SAFE form from the interior of its house.

Chimney-sweeper, cleaning of firewood chimneys, coal and pellets. Of fast form, clean and safe we realised the cleaning of its chimney. We act in depth from the interior of his house eliminating the deposits and soot of the conduits of smoke.
We use professional machinery and accessories for all type of chimneys and sizes.
It avoids possible fires and it improves its energy efficiency.

  • IT AVOIDS FIRES. The swept one avoids the accumulation of deposits that can become inflamed in the chimney and propagate the adjacent fire to all their house and.
  • FUEL SAVING. In a dirty chimney the loss of yield is from 6% to 8% by each millimeter of accumulation of deposits in the walls.

It contacts with us by telephone: 626 39 37 44 – 979 06 39 44, or through our form of contact or í sends an email to us to [email protected] where we will solve its doubts.

We are located in Foldada – Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia.



  • 1 chimney
  • 2 or more


  • 80€
  • 60€ unit

Displacements by km from Aguilar de Campoo

  • Up to 30 km > 0€
  • Of 31 to 80 km > 25€
  • Of 81 to 120 km > 40€
  • Greater distance > TO CONSULT
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